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Aggressive driver

I called in to report an incident, and this is a follow up. One of your drivers became very aggressive, sped up from behind me after two lanes merged leaving the airport on 95 south, and forced me into the shoulder. When I pulled up next to him, he was flipping me off. I took pictures before he sped away. The car was P-723. This occurred slightly after 2.30 pm.
He was even carrying passengers!

As I travel back to my home town Philadelphia the city of brotherly love. Of the plane and to baggage we go then out to a cab notice a crescent cab that was a small SUV thought great my 86 year old grandmothers who was in a wheel chair could get in and out of the SUV with no problem how ever the drive of cab p-965 told her she could not set in the front seat and he was not moving his bag off the floor to make room for her then he got out the cab and took are 3 bags out and said nothing. What a jerk if this is how we treat are seniors I don't know what the world is coming to. FYI the next cab drive was so nice and friendly I have him a $20.00 tip that would of been the jerks Marcele Bassett

Dear Crescent Cab, A student of mine has lost her white& gold cell phone with a Tory Burch blue & purple case (with flowers) on our way to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. We were in cab# P0931, Driver # 00101027 on 7/16/14 at 18:14- 18:16. Please advise when recovered. Thank you, Cindy Golembuski

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